Bunnyhood outfit

Outfit for [LM]/[BM]


Status Available.
Category NEW dolls
Mileage USD 0.55
Delivery charge USD 0
Manufacturer/country of origin MIYADOLL / KOREA
Hood corlor
Skirt color
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Outfit for [LM]/ [BM] body 


This product is not a toy.
Please note that under the age of 15, can not use it.



- Bunny hood/ Skirt/ Knee socks


Precautions before purchases

Miyadoll products are made to order. We start making dolls after customers complete their payment. Purchases are non-refundable once we begin production. Customers can pay for their order in three days. After three days from the order, the order will be canceled automatically.
- Miyadoll's products are made to order.
-It's non-refundable after payment due to made to order system. Please make your order carefully.
-Production period is approximately 15~20 business days (except Korean holidays).

-color of our products can look different according to different monitor settings.
-doll,shoes  are not included.
- according to demand and supply situation, fabric and subsidiary materials can be changed without notice.


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