2017 Limited doll(31cm)


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Manufacturer/country of origin MIYADOLL / KOREA
[LM]Body type
Head makeup
Body Painting
Gift resineyes color
Total USD 0


-Launch Gift 1-  


A pair of Resin dolleyes


color: Bluegreen or ParrotSapphire









-Launch Gift 2-

Option Hands parts 3 pairs(nomakeup): A type Clench hands +

New Option Hands Parts Btype(nomakeup): Basic+Clench hands 

(Skin Color will be same as skin color as you ordered and cannot be changed).








Face-Up Detail










Blank image



"Bluebell" Outfit Detail

Dress (Japan Imported Fabric cotton 100%),Inner dress, Hair ribbon,Over knee socks,Bonnet

* Color can be selected from options: Natural ivory/Cream pink 




[This doll is a limited]





[Limited order period]

Aug 13.2017~ Aug 31.2017

Head size: 6.5inch (6~7 inch wig)


Doll type :  [LM] BlueBell (31cm)

This product is not a toy.
Please note that under the age of 15, can not use it.


◆ Size of Little Mocha◆ 


Body Type : LittleMocha Body 


Height(Including Head) :  31 cm
Eyes size : 14 mm
Head : 6.5 inch

Neck :  5.8 cm

Shoulder width :  6.5 cm

Chest :  12.4 cm

Arms length (Including Hands) :  11.8 cm

Waist  :  11 cm

Hips :  13 cm

Thigh circumference  :  7.8 cm

Leg length (Including Feet) :  17.2 cm

Length of feet :  4 cm




-Doll (Head+Body)/ Assembled.(no makeup)

-Resin eyes14mm

-Kipping box/Certificate

-Extra tensions

★ Additional option

Default makeup/Special makeup(Change the eyebrows shaped, Change the location and color of the cheek, Change lip color)

- Bluebell outfit

Dress (Japan Imported Fabric cotton 100%),Inner dress, Hair ribbon,Over knee socks,Bonnet

* Color can be selected from options: Natural ivory/Cream pink 

Precautions before purchases the outfit

*Silk ribbons are vulnerable to heat and easily wrinkled, so please handle them carefully

*Please be careful not to wrinkle the silk ribbons or keep them pressed.  

*The lining of the body is lined up, so the inside of the sleeve is not closed.(This is not a defective product)

*Please refrain from excessive washing by using regular detergents.(the decorations and the silk ribbons may be deformed) We do not receive exchanges and refund questions regarding the problem caused by this issue.




Precautions before purchases

Miyadoll products are made to order. We start making dolls after customers complete their payment. Purchases are non-refundable once we begin production. Customers can pay for their order in three days. After three days from the order, the order will be canceled automatically.
-choose skin color
-If customers do not choose skin color, skin color will be "normal" automatically.
-cream white, normal, and white is basic price. There will be additional cost for Milktea(tan).
- Miyadoll's products are made to order.
-It's non-refundable after payment due to made to order system. Please make your order carefully.
-Production period is approximately about 3 months

 But Special skin color takes about 10 days if more, add 2~3 more weeks.  
-additional makeup and  body coloring will add two to three more weeks.
-color of our products can look different according to different monitor settings.
-wig, makeup, clothes, shoes and accessaries are not included.
-eyes will be delivered randomly. To avoid risk of breakage, eyes will be shipped separately from a head.
-Because makeup process is done manually, there might be differences between each dolls.
-dolls might take on dark color when put on dark colored clothes for a while.
- according to demand and supply situation, fabric and subsidiary materials can be changed without notice.

-MIYADOLL does not offer aesth(remove the parting line) service. 


* Precautions before purchases Milktea skin(Tan) *

   The work of tan skin color is very hard and takes a long time than light skin(Creamwhite, White, Normal).  
   And it can be shown a little dusts, marbles, some tiny holes, spots etc on surface of
   doll during manufacturing process.(Just, gate parts on body are excluded.)
   We don't remove these things because the skin color can be changed lightly or dusky
   if we sand on the surface of the doll.
   So, please put your considering before make an order.
   We don't accept any cancel, refund, exchange of your order as above reasons.

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